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Horse trams in Adelaide>

Eleven companies built lines between 1878 and 1883

Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Company
(Included Kensington, North Adelaide, East Adelaide, Maylands, Magill, Marryatville, Burnside, Walkerville, Hill Street)

Adelaide, Unley and Mitcham Tramway Company

Adelaide & Hindmarsh Tramway Company
(Also to Henley Beach, and for a time, Grange)

Port Adelaide, Queenstown, Alberton and Portland Estate Tramway Company

Adelaide and Goodwood Tramway Company
(Also to Clarence Park)

Adelaide Prospect, Nailsworth and Enfield Tramway Company
(Adelaide & Suburban Tramway Company from 1895)

Adelaide and Hyde Park Tramway Company

Adelaide and Parkside Tramway Company
(Also to Glen Osmond)

Glenelg, Brighton and Marino Tramway Company

Glenelg, New Glenelg and Somerton Tramway Company

Adelaide, Payneham and Paradise Tramway Company


Single deck horse car near Commercial Road Station, Port Adelaide.


Other Companies were floated including:

Keswick, Ashford, Richmond, Edwardstown and South Road Tramway Company

Adelaide, North Adelaide and Ovingham Tramway Company

A lot of land was sold in the vicinity of the proposed lines, but no tracks were laid. Evidence suggests these companies were floated to encourage land speculation as well as being a speculative investment themselves.

Floods – Fulham Reedbeds – a winter problem on Henley Beach Road.
Magill and Kensington cars started from a central track in King William Street.
Walkerville Depot staff with a horsetram about to enter service.
North Adelaide balloon loop terminus, O’Connell Street. 1878.
Horse tram in King William Road passing the City Baths – now part of the Festival Centre forecourt.
Hindmarsh cars ran on the southern side of the Port Road median strip, seen here near Hindmarsh Town Hall.
Municipal Tramways Trust horse tram, Prospect Road, 1910.





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